Crystals For Moon in Virgo

August 23 – September 22

Moon Crystal: Okenite
Intuition Crystal: Kyanite

Your moon crystal is a very special crystal, as most stones and crystals are to be worn or held to receive their vibrations; Okenite is not to be touched or carried, it is best to be placed on your bedside table and let it do its work while you sleep. Okenite connects you with higher energies and helps you learn your souls lessons.

Moon in Virgo are kindhearted and caring, with integrity, great common sense, a sound memory and very intuitive. You love to be of service and are great with organization. Creative energy is your long suite and you are able to express yourself through your creative energy either with art or crafty things. Wear or carry Blue Topaz as it will balance out your tendency for extreame service, it will keep you from being at the complete disposal of others but still be of service. This crystal also helps you carry out your aspirations without giving up your need to be of service.

You are a perfectionist to the max and set very high standards for yourself and others, which can create disappointments that you and others cannot attain them, if you wear or carry Amethyst this will help you make realistic goals.

Peridot will assist you in being kinder to yourself and helps to relieve another one of your characteristics of trying to figure out everything right down to the core. You can tend to be a workaholic, for this you can use Azurite to release stress and to balance out the mind and emotions on the body.

You can tend to be fearful of criticism and Citrine can assist you in being less sensitive and helps you to be open to constructive criticism. Kyanite is great for encouraging your intuition as it clears out any illusions, you need to know that your intuition is pure and this brings that clarity. Use Chrysoberyl to attract your creative energy and attract your creativity to you, you will find that the creative vibes will just flow to and through you when you carry this crystal.