The Best Network Marketing Company – The Unspoken Secret of MLM

So, you joined “The Best Network Marketing Company” on the planet and have not been successful. You love the products and tried really hard to build your business selling them. That was my story too! I set myself up as a product expert, but not anymore, now things are turning around.

You see, I trust my company to provide me with excellent products that I can use and confidently recommend. But I’ve noticed that the people who build the biggest businesses in all the companies I’ve been with are not product experts and seldom have more than 10 maybe 20 customers.

The product experts always fail to make that stable long term recurring income.

Why is that? Well, because there’s always another latest greatest product to be had from another company or infomercial or whatever and off your customers go looking for “The Holy Grail” product.

The only loyal customer is one building the business. Why would a business builder use Brand X when their own company pays them an incentive to use their own products?

That’s the brilliance of Network Marketing but because we’ve become so acclimated to business as usual, you know, one person selling a lot of product to make money, it’s difficult to see that many people each using and selling a small amount of product is actually a much better business model.

The other thing is, selling products is extreamly “time intensive” and justifying a product’s cost to one time buyers is exhausting and emotionally draining.

But most of us get caught up in that dance.

We believe in the product and by god we’re going to make everyone else see what we see in it come hell or high water. This has been my biggest challenge in every company I’ve been in. I become enamored with a product, think it’s going to save the world, and get crushed when no one sees what I do.


But the evidence that it does work is all around us. People are making boatloads of money, not because they sell the product but because they sell the lifestyle that can be had as a successful Network Marketer.

Interestingly, by selling the possibility of a lifestyle most people only dream of, they wind up directly and indirectly helping more people to use the great products. Go figure!

And about as obvious as a wort on the tip your nose (that no one talks about), is the fact that the upline markets to the downline. This, in my opinion, is one cause of distrust and suspicion in Network Marketing. You know…that it is not talked about. It is not a bad business model it’s just that few are up front about it. It is the eight hundred pound guerrilla in the room.

It’s an obvious secret but no one stays away from the supermarket because the grocer puts his biggest sellers at eye level. We are big boys and girls, we can take the truth. Right?

Then, the unasked question is; Is my upline trying to help me or is he trying to make money from me? The answer is yes, to both! In the best Network Marketing Companies we market to our “Network” openly.

At least that’s the way it is on our team. How can I be sure? Because the master distributor (my upline) sends marketing messages out to his entire downline, not to just me. The results of those messages benefit everyone from the newbie who joined under me today to the first person to join the master distributor three years ago.

Another way of saying this is; All marketing by my upline to me and my downline, benefits everyone in my organization.

A good analogy is; A speaker at the front of a room must be loud enough that a person at the back of the room can hear what he’s saying. Everyone between the speaker and the person in the last row benefits as a result.

I think everyone has seen the illustration of the single radio wave bouncing off the satellite reaching everyone who is tuned in. Same thing here.

When things go unsaid, when there isn’t full disclosure, distrust is always the result.