Extenze Review – My Shocking Experience With Extenze Male Ehnancement Pills

Unless you have just arrived from out of space, I’m pretty sure that most men are aware of Extenze male enhancement pills.  After all it’s hard to not turn on the television and not see the Extenze ad with the awesome race cars and extreamly  hot babes!

I decided to do a quick Extenze review based on my personal experience with the product.  I am not ashamed to admit that I suffer with erectile dysfunction, and as a result it was a problem for me to keep it up for a longer period of time.  

I was always a bit skeptical of using male enhancement pills, as I always thought it would cause my penis to shrink even further or drop off later on in life.  I searched the length and breath of the internet, hoping to find some Extenze reviews that would answer the ultimate question that most men have; Does Extenze Work?  Well I finally decided to give into my fear and ordered the Free 7 day trial pack of Extenze, I only had to pay like $1 for shipping, so I thought why the heck now.  I’ve spent a buck on a lot worse before in my life.

I must admit that when I popped the first pill from my free sample pack, it did have my stomach feeling a bit queasy, but that soon settled after an hour or so.  Now my girlfriend had no idea that I was on the Extenze male enhancement pill.  So later than night after a bit of bribing and begging, she agreed to get in the sack.  

But even way before that happened, I was feeling the intense rush of blood flowing to my penis but just the mare thought of having sexual intercourse. 

During sex I noticed I went past my mark for the longest time I was ever able to stay up, and I was not even feeling the slightest bit tired.  These effects were also noticed by my girlfriend as well, who had to question me what I did to myself to get those results.

Without a doubt the Extenze male enhancement pills delivered on most of what is advertised on television, at least in my own personal experience.

Should you try it?  Well that is totally up to you and your situations.  If you are curious like I was, you can always opt to get the free sample pack, so that you can try and see how best it works for you.

I hope my personal Extenze review was of some benefit to men who are interested in finding a fairly quick solution to boost their sex lives.